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      The Domain SCHAEFFER-WOERLY is situated in DAMBACH-LA-VILLE, in full center of the Alsace.
Our domain runs onto 7 ha, and the vineyard is situated onto the cities of Dambach-la-Ville, Scherwiller and Dieffenthal.

   We cultivate and elaborate all the range of Alsacian wines which are:
     - The Sylvaner
     - The Pinot-Blanc Auxerrois
     - The Riesling
     - The Muscat
     - The Tokay-Pinot Gris
     - The Gewürztraminer
     - The Cremant


      Cremant d’Alsace is an Alsace AOC sparkling wine (approximately 12 % of alcohol) and fruity mainly resulting from type of vine (generally Pinot blanc, but also of the Pinot Gris or the Riesling or the Chardonnay). It is produced starting from the vineyard of Alsace.
Its traditional method of development, identical to Champagne, brings its delicate effervescence to him.

- The Vendanges Tardives

The grapes are harvested later in the season, when the climatic conditions allows it. They present a greater sugar and aromas concentration.

      Stemming from sandy, granitic grounds, the wines are the result, for several years already, of an semi-Bio production, (ecological work of the vineyard - TYFLO association) with in the support, the exercise book of loads(responsibilities) verified by ECOCERT.
Every stage of the wine grower work is guided by the research of the quality, in the respect of tradition and authenticity. This is the reason why we harvest the grapes manually and we make a selection of grapes in order to guarantee you the best.


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